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2016 News from ActiveGPS

Here you will find the 2016 news from ActiveGPS. We used this page to advise of new product pages and releases, back in stocks, new map updates, product reviews and more during 2016. View the very latest news from 2020.

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NEW: Garmin Montana 610 Moto Bundle - 17th November 2016

New in stock is the Garmin Montana 610 Moto Bundle which includes the following premium features:

Motorcycle RAM Mount
AMPS Rugged Mount with Audio/Power Cable
GB Discoverer Maps of All of Great Britain 1:50k
‣Electronic compass and barometric altimeter
‣Internal 3.0GB memory

The Montana 610 Moto bundle can be use as a handheld device and it can also be succesfully on a motorbike, quad bike or other all terrain vehicle to provide navigation.

Garmin Montana 610 Moto Bundle

Road Angel Gem+ and Gem+ Deluxe are both back in stock - 9th November 2016

The Road Angel Gem+ speed camera detectors are both back in stock and ready for sameday despatch. The Gem+ provides alerts to fixed and mobile speed camera locations across the UK.

Garmin STRIKER GPS Fishfinder range - 12th October 2016

The Garmin STRIKER range is now available to buy at These systems include fishfinders to help you find fish and you can save waypoints to help with navigating back to the same location(s). These systems are not chartplotters. They do have include a transducer. The Garmin STRIKERS include:

Garmin STRIKER 4
Garmin STRIKER 4cv
Garmin STRIKER 5cv
Garmin STRIKER 7cv
Garmin STRIKER 7sv

Snooper MY-SPEED XL - 19th September 2016

The Snooper MY-SPEED XL provides speed limits for numerous vehicle types (car, van, caravan, motorhome or truck). Speed limits are provided for all roads across the UK and Western Europe which is provided by Here Maps. Snoopers AURA speed camera database is also included with the Snooper MY-SPEED XL. Both the speed camera and speed limit databases are provided FREE of charge and there are no ongoing costs of subscription.

Garmin BlueChart new version V2016.5 (V18) - 15th August 2016

The latest version of Garmin BlueChart g2 HD and g2 HD Vision version - V2017 (V18.5) is now available from ActiveGPS. All Garmin BlueCharts are custom downloaded at time of order to ensure you receive the very latest version.

Garmin TOPO Great Britain Pro SD/microSD Card - 10th August 2016

Explore Great Britain (England, Scotland and Wales) with detailed Ordnance Survey (OS) 1:25k, 1:50k and 1:250K scale maps. Garmin TOPO Great Britain PRO map also provides for the first time on a Garmin GPS device an on-trail guidance of the OS Detailed Path Network, available for more than 32,000 km of paths and trails in all British National Parks. View the Garmin TOPO Great Britain PRO map webpage to learn more and to buy from ActiveGPS.

Garmin Oregon 700 series - 5th August 2016

The Garmin Oregon 700 series of handhelds is now available to pre-order from The new Oregon 700 series handhelds now offer WiFi Connectivity which previously was only available on Garmin Sports and Fitness products. The WiFi Connectivity allows you to share waypoints and routes amongst friends and family with another compatible Garmin device. You can also get Smart Notifications such as email, text messages and more. Furthermore, weather forecasts are available with a connection to a 4G smartphone device.

All models include a altimeter, barometer and compass. The top-of-the-range Garmin Oregon 750t includes TopoActive Maps of Europe and an 8 megapixel camera. The Oregon 750 includes the 8 megapixel camera but does not include TopoActive Maps. Lastly the Oregon 700 has neither a digital camera nor TopoActive maps. Furthermore the memory on the Oregon 700 is 1.7GB compared with 4.0GB with the Oregon 750 and Oregon 750t.

Cheetah c550 GPS Speed Camera Detector - 21st July 2016

The latest speed camera detector from Cheetah which is also the 2016 Auto Express Best Buy is now available to buy from ActiveGPS. Named the Cheetah c550 - there are two different colour variations of the Speed Cheetah c550. Choose between black or silver.

We also have all of the accessories in stock to add to the Cheetah c550.

Snooper S8100 Truckmate and Ventura sat navs - 8th April 2016

Snooper S8100 Truckmate and S8100 Ventura are now available from These new Snooper models feature an improved DVB-T2 Digital TV and 3 Watt speaker for improved sound quality. Get turn-by-turn navigational directions to your destination. You can also input your vehicles dimensions to be routed along appropriate roads for your vehicles' size. Both also include Car Mode.

New Garmin Zumo 345LM, 395LM and 595LM - 18th March 2016

Pre-order the latest Garmin zumo for use on a motorcycle. With sunlight readable and glove-friendly touchscreen the screen sizes range from 4.3-inch to 5-inch. Plus live tracking is also possible so friends and family can track your current location. The latest Garmin Zumo motorcycle satnavs are also compatible with use in a car. The zumo 395LM and zumo 595LM include a car mount and can power cable in the box whereas with the zumo 345LM the the car mount and car charger are optional extras.

View the full 2016 range of motorbike sat navs

BlackVue Power Magic Pro Hardwire Kit - 3rd March 2016

BlackVue Power Magic Pro electric power controllerHardwire the BlackVue dash cam range in your vehicle using the BlackVue Power Magic Pro electric power controller. The Power Magic Pro will operate in cars, vans and other commercial vehicles with a battery power supply of either 12 volts or 24 volts. In addition, once installed the hardwire power kit enables your BlackVue dashboard camera to continue to operate even when your vehicles ignition is switched off.

View and buy the BlackVue Power Magic Pro

NEW V17.5 Garmin BlueCharts HD are now available - 1st March 2016

The very latest V17.5 Garmin BlueCharts are now in stock.

What's more this new version features up to 1-foot HD contours providing more accurate depiction of bottom structure for improved fishing charts and navigation in swamps, canals, marinas and port plans. These new charts are called BlueChart g2 HD and BlueChart g2 Vision HD.

All charts are made to order and will now have the very latest V17.5 chart mapping. Purchased a BlueChart in last 6-months? We offer a new chart guarantee. Buy with confidence from ActiveGPS.

BlueChart g2 HD charts
BlueChart g2 Vision HD charts

Garmin echoMAP 40-series accessory pages added - 18th February 2016

Accessories are now avaialble to buy from ActiveGPS for the following 4-inch Garmin echoMAP and echoMAP CHIRP 40-series chartplotters:

Garmin echoMAP 45dv and echoMAP CHIRP 45cv
Garmin echoMAP 44dv and echoMAP CHIRP 44dv
Garmin echoMAP 43dv and echoMAP CHIRP 43dv
Garmin echoMAP CHIRP 42dv

Garmin echoMAP and GPSMAP accessory pages added - 17th February 2016

Accessories are now avaialble to buy from ActiveGPS for the following 7-inch Garmin echoMAP and Garmin GPSMAP marine chartplotters:

Garmin echoMAP 70dv
Garmin echoMAP 70s
Garmin GPSMAP 721 and 721xs
Garmin GPSMAP 741 and 741xs
Garmin GPSMAP 751 and 751xs

Garmin echoMAP and GPSMAP accessory pages added - 16th February 2016

Accessories are now avaialble to buy from ActiveGPS fot the following 5-inch Garmin echoMAP and Garmin GPSMAP marine chartplotters:

Garmin echoMAP 50dv
Garmin echoMAP 50s
Garmin GPSMAP 527 and 527xs
Garmin GPSMAP 547 and 547xs
Garmin GPSMAP 557 and 557xs

Garmin GPSMAP 78/78s UK Marine Bundle Packs - 12th February 2016

Special offer: Buy either the Garmin GPSMAP 78 or 78s UK Marine Bundles and receive Garmin BlueChart g2 UK and Ireland marine charts on SD/microSD Card in the box! This represents a massive saving when considering that to buy the GPSMAP 78s and the BlueChart separately the Suggested Selling Price (SSP) would be more than £500.00, a saving of than £170.00. Available whilst stocks last. This offer is ONLY available combined with a Garmin BlueChart g2 British Isles and English Channel chart pictured below. No other chart can be combined with this offer.

Coverage of Garmin BlueChart g2 UK and Ireland chart

Coverage of Garmin BlueChart g2 UK and Ireland chart

Garmin Dashboard Disc - 9th February 2016

Mount your Garmin sat nav on top of your vehicles dashboard using your Garmin suction cup mount and this genuine original Garmin 66mm diameter dashboard disc.

View and buy the dashboard disc.

Garmin High Speed Multi-Charger - 9th February 2016

Power and charge up to three different devices including your Garmin sat nav or GPS device in-car with this genuine Garmin cigarette/cigar lighter socket with three external power outlet sockets.

View and buy the 3-way charger.

Garmin and TomTom Golf watches - 3rd February 2016

Garmin Approach S4 and TomTom Golfer and TomTom Golfer Premium Edition (pictured right) are the latest Garmin and TomTom watches to be added to the ActiveGPS web site. With these new watches you can view yardages to hazards as well as know distances on the green in preparation for taking your shot helping you to select the right club. These Golf watches are waterproof.

Featuring GPS technology these golf watches will guide you around approximately 40,000 golf course worldwide.

With the top-of-the-range TomTom Golfer Premium Edition there is a handy ball marker included that clips on to the golf watch.

View the Golf GPS range.

Garmin TOPO Maps - 2nd February 2016

We've extended our range of Garmin TOPO maps to now include a number of European countries, plus there's more maps to come soon.

Countries recently added include: Germany, German and Austrian Alpine Glub Maps. All TOPO maps come supplied on DVD and/or plug-and-play SD/microSD Card.

Garmin TOPO maps are designed to work with the following Garmin devices:

Dakota 20, Edge 800, 810, 1000, Touring, Touring Plus, epix, eTrex 20, 20x, 30, 30x, Touch 25, Touch 35, Touch 35t, GPSMAP 62, 62s, 62sc, 62st, 62stc, 64, 64s, 64sc, 64st, 78, 78s, 78sc, Montana 600, 600t, 610, 610t, 650, 650t, 680, 680t, Monterra, Oregon 200, 300, 400c, 400i, 400t, 450, 450t, 550, 550t, 600, 600t, 650, 650t.

View the full range of Garmin TOPO maps.

Garmin Edge 20, 25 and 520 now in stock - 21st January 2016

Garmin Edge 20, Edge 25 and Edge 520 are now available from The Edge 20 and 25 are small discrete devices for cycling. The Edge 25 has GPS capabilities and will provide smart notifications. While the Edge 520 you can also compete with other cyclists and friends and family can track your cycling activities in real-time.

To view the full range of cycle GPS systems.

Additionally, Garmin Edge accessories for the Edge 20, 25 and 520 are also listed and available to buy from ActiveGPS. Please see:

Garmin Edge 20 accessories, spares and parts
Garmin Edge 25 accessories, spares and parts
Garmin Edge 520 accessories, spares and parts

Garmin Charging and Power clip for Garmin Edge 20 and Edge 25 - 28th January 2016

For owners of the Garmin Edge 20 and Edge 25 GPS based cycle computers this is an essential cable. Not only does it provide the means to recharge the Edge 20/25 from a computer (with USB port), but it also provides the means to transfer data to and from a computer too.

Buy the Garmin Edge 20/25 Charging/Data Clip.

Garmin Tempe Wireless Temperature Sensor - 15th January 2016

Add the ability to know and wirelessly send the ambient temperature to your compatible Garmin device with the Garmin tempe Wireless Temperature Sensor (pictured right).

The temperature sensor is now in stock and compatible with selected models in the Garmin fenix, eTrex, GPSMAP, Montana and Oregon ranges. View the Garmin Tempe webpage.

Garmin Bike Cadence and Speed Sensors - 9th January 2016

Garmin have advised us today that the Garmin Cadence Bike Sensor GCC 10 has been discontinued.

There is however a replacement model - the Garmin Bike Speed Sensor and Cadence Sensor (pictured right).

This new model features ANT+ technology for wireless connectivity with compatible Garmin GPS devices. Read more about the accessory and discover which Garmin devices the Garmin bike cadence and speed sensor is compatible with.

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