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Garmin Montana 680 and Montana 680t Maps

Learn more about the different maps that the Garmin Montana 680 and Montana 680t Maps handheld GPS device supports from Garmin TOPO maps, GB Discoverer Ordnance Survey maps, Cycle Map, City Navigator road maps through to BlueChart g3 marine charts.

Garmin Montana 680/680t Topographical Maps

‣Explore 1:25K or 1:50K the UK and Europe with Topographical mapping
‣Read more about Topographical maps

Garmin Montana 680/680t GB Discoverer Maps

‣GB Discoverer Great Britain Ordnance Survey mapping
‣Read more about GB Discoverer maps

Garmin Montana 680/680t Cycle Map

‣Cycle maps display bike-specific maps
‣Read more about Garmin Cycle Map

Garmin Montana 680/680t City Navigator Maps

‣City Navigator Street-Level maps is available for world countries and regions
‣Read more about City Navigator maps

Garmin Montana 680/680t g3 BlueCharts

‣BlueCharts for boats and yachts
‣Read more about g3 BlueCharts

Garmin Montana 680 and Montana 680t Maps

Do you own a Garmin Montana 680 or Montana 680t? Are you considering buying one?

Then you need to read on to discover the additional maps you can buy from ActiveGPS and install to take the Garmin Montana 680 / Montana 680t and view your outdoor adventures in a whole new, more detailed way than ever before!

As standard the Garmin Montana 680 (depending on the model purchased) is preloaded with Garmin's basemap. The basemap includes major roads, rivers, lakes, etc. Whilst useful, this information doesn't match up to the additional mapping that is available to use with the Garmin Montana 680 and Montana 680t handheld GPS devices.

What is the difference between the Garmin Montana 680 and Montana 680t? The Garmin Montana 680t includes preloaded regional topograhical maps. These pre-installed TOPO maps are at a scale of between 1:100K and 1:250K. Models purchased in the the UK and Europe were supplied with TOPO Europe maps.

The additional maps that are available provide rich specific map data for different purposes e.g. TOPO maps - perfect for hiking and walking in Great Britain and mainland Europe. In total there are five different types of maps that can be used within the Garmin Montana 680 and Garmin Montana 680t. Read on to discover more about them.

Garmin Montana 680 TOPO Maps

Topographical maps or TOPO maps (for short) range are the premium map series from Garmin for exploring and navigating the great outdoors and countryside of Great Britain, France, Spain, Germany, Italy, TransAlpine and Austria and Switzerland to name a few of the available Garmin TOPO map titles. As well as hiking/walking, the Garmin topographic map series are also perfect for mountain biking, skiing, etc and provide high-detailed scale maps of around 1:50K to 1:25K scale.

The latest Garmin TOPO map series uses the best in available maps for each country. For example, Great Britain TOPO maps use Ordnance Survey (OS) data at a scale of either 1:50K or 1:25K, while the French TOPO map titles use IGN data at a scale of 1:25K.

For walking/hiking in Great Britain, Garmin Montana 680 and Garmin Montana 680t owners have two options:

1. Garmin TOPO Great Britain PRO 1:25K SD/microSD card (pictured right)
2. Garmin TOPO Great Britain PRO 1:50K SD/microSD card

All Garmin TOPO maps come supplied on plug-and-play SD/microSD card.

View the full range of compatible Garmin Montana 680 TOPO maps.

Garmin Montana 680 GB Discoverer Maps

Garmin Great Britain (GB) Discoverer map series has been discontinued by Garmin and replaced by the Garmin TOPO series (see above section of maps). The Garmin GB Discoverer map series comprised of more than 60 GB Discoverer map titles. Each map title covered a specific National Park or National Trail in Great Britain e.g. Yorkshire Wolds Way at a scale of 1:25K.

In comparison the new Garmin TOPO GB map at a scale of 1:25K now features the whole of Great Britain, negating the need to buy multiple map SD/microSD cards. However, if you only planned to visit one single National Park or National Trail you could save a lot of money, by just buying the area you require e.g. North Yorkshire Moors, rather than buying the map for the whole country.

While the majority of Garmin GB Discoverer titles are now sold out, we do have limited number of maps available to buy from ActiveGPS. Currently available 1:25K scale GB Discoverer maps that you can buy from ActiveGPS include: 1:25K Loch Lomond and the Trossachs, 1:25K Northumberland,1:25K Central Highlands and 1:25K Peddars Way and Norfolk Coast Path (pictured right).

All Garmin GB Discoverer maps come supplied on plug-and-play SD/microSD card. View the full range of compatible Garmin Montana 680 GB Discoverer maps

Garmin Montana 680 Cycle Map

Add UK and European cycle maps to your Garmin Montana 680 or Montana 680t with the genuine Garmin Europe Cycle map (pictured right). Once installed the SD/microSD card enables you to select cycling, tour cycling or mountain biking options and then select the appropriate route for the type of cycling you do, taking you on paved roads, unpaved roads, or on paths and trails. When you use the map with a compatible Garmin device, you will also benefit from auto navigation which is offer by you sat nav (used in conjunction with your Cycle map).

Countries included are: Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Kaliningrad (Russia), Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Moldova, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey and Ukraine.

The Garmin Montana 680 Europe Cycle map pre-programmed SD card provides searchable points of interest (restaurants, hotels, hostels, trains stations, etc.), cities, addresses and more. Read more and purchase the Garmin Cycle UK and Europe Map.

Garmin Montana 680 City Navigator NT Maps

If you are seeking street-level road maps for your Garmin Montana 680 for driving, road cycling, etc, then look no further than the Garmin City Navigator NT map series. Garmin City Navigator maps feature street-level detail for a specific country or region e.g. UK and Ireland, Spain and Portugal, Full Europe (UK, Eastern and Western Europe) (pictured right) and North America (USA, Canada and Mexico).

Garmin City Navigator maps come supplied on pre-programmed SD/microSD card and are not locked to single use within the Garmin Montana 680. So if you also have a Garmin car sat nav and wish to use the road maps in your compatible Garmin sat nav device you can do so, just not at the same time.

Also available for the Garmin Montana 680/680t are two different automotive mounts:

1. Garmin Montana 680 Auto Suction Cup Mount with Speaker (windscreen mounting)
2. Garmin Montana 680 Auto Friction Mount Kit with Speaker (dashboard mounting)

As standard there is no speaker built into the handheld Garmin Montana 680 or Montana 680t, the two available vehicle mounts feature built in speakers enabling you to hear navigation prompts e.g. 'turn left'. They are the perfect partner when using your Garmin Montana 680 in your car, van, motorhome or other vehicle.

View and buy the available compatible Garmin Montana 680 City Navigator NT maps.

Garmin Montana 680 BlueCharts

Want to use the Garmin Montana 680 or Montana 680t on the waters around the UK, Europe or other coasts around the world? You need to buy and install a compatible Garmin BlueChart g3 title. Garmin BlueCharts provide coastal and off-shore waters on the screen of your Garmin Montana 680. These marine charts are perfect whether you are heading out to sea on a day trip or a longer voyage.

The Garmin European BlueChart titles that are compatible with the Garmin Montana 680 and Garmin Montana 680t are the Garmin BlueChart g3 Europe Regular Marine Charts. BlueChart titles that you can buy from ActiveGPS include: g3 English Channel, g3 Great Britain, Northeast Coast, g3 Irish and Celtic Sea and g3 Spain, Mediterranean Coast. All Garmin Bluecharts come supplied on plug-and-play SD/microSD Card.

View and buy the available Garmin Montana 680 BlueChart g3 charts.

Garmin Montana 680 Accessories

As well as selling a comprehensive range of authentic Garmin mapping titles for use with the Garmin Montana 680/680t, we also sell a comprehensive range of genuine Garmin Montana 680 accessories.

Why buy from us?

We are official Authorised Internet Retailers for Garmin. We sell genuine Garmin products, accessories and maps. We purchase from assigned Garmin UK distributors. We do not buy on the grey market and we do not sell counterfeit products. You can rest assured that by purchasing from ActiveGPS you will receive the full support of Garmin.

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