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The Cardo Scala Rider PACKTALK DUO BOLD is motorcycle headset for intercom and mobile phone communication between up to 15 riders. You can buy either the Duo or single headset products. The Duo includes two headsets whereas the single headset includes one headset.

DMC Bridge feature allows Bluetooth device users and smartphones to join the conversation. You can also chat 1 to 1 securely without anyone else hearing the conversation.

As well as use the Intercom or mobile phone you can also listen to the radio, MP3 and GPS navigation instructions.

Talk time is 13 hours. The range is 1 mile/1.6km (bluetooth mode) or upto 8km with 5 or more riders (DMC mode).

Cardo Scala Rider PACKTALK DUO BOLD - £389.99


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The Cardo scala rider PACKTALK DUO BOLD includes two pre-paired Intercoms for communication between up to 15 riders motorcyclists using the cardo riders system or other devices using Bluetooth connectivity (using Cardo Gateway). Click to Link feature enable you to connect to other Cardo Rider System users instantly. Voice recognition also allows simple, easy control of the Cardo headset (for example voice-control can be used for receiving/rejecting incoming mobile or intercom calls).

The Cardo Scala Rider PACKTALK is available to buy as a single headset (solo package) or as a pair of headsets (Duo package). You can buy two headsets at this webpage or click here to buy a single headset.

With the Cardo PACKTALK DUO BOLD you can talk for up to 13 hours talk-time/ 1 week stand-by. The PACKTALK systems are also waterproof and dustproof.

There is DMC (Dynamic Meshwork Communication) technology which enables you to maintain constant connectivity through a virtual network. The Cardo Rider PACKTALK DUO BOLD allows members of the conversation to randomly join, leave and return without compromising communication with other users talking using the Cardo Rider systems.

Bluetooth technology also complements the DMC technology. Bluetooth can connect your Cardo Rider intercom with other Bluetooth communications systems (such as riders using intercoms that are not made by Cardo). With the Bluetooth you can receive mobile calls, receive GPS navigation instructions or listen to music (via A2DP of built-in FM radio).

There are two intercoms in the box however you can connect with up to 15 riders using the same intercoms or use the Bluetooth to communicate with other users using non-cardo communication systems. DMC Bridge feature enables passengers with Bluetooth-only device or an outside mobile caller to join a PACKTALK group.

You can also have 1 to 1 conversations without other users hearing the conversation.

You can communicate up to 1 mile / 1.6km bike to bike using the intercom and up to 8km with 5 or more riders. 4-way Bluetooth Intercom Conferencing is possible (2 riders and their passengers or 3 separate riders (Full Duplex). "1+8" Bluetooth intercom toggling allows toggling among 8 other riders.

The Cardo Gateway allows non-Cardo headsets to connect via Intercom.

The intercom to mobile feature enables calls to switch to mobile when out of range using DMC Intercom so you never lose a conversation due to being out of range of the intercom capabilities.

Cardo SmartSet App for remote control and there are also Cardo Community platform social features.

Music Sharing is possible between Rider and Passenger whereby they can listen to the same stereo music (via A2DP). Furthermore, Parallel Audio-Streaming allow you to talk and listen to music at the same time. You can also connect wirelessly to MP3 players via A2DP for stereo music playback. There is also customisable, self-adjusting audio volume with respect to speed and ambient noise.

There are interchangeable hybrid and corded microphones and dual replaceable speakers (3.5mm).

Cardo Scala Rider PACKTALK DUO BOLD Features

‣Communicate with up to 15 riders
‣Range of 8 kilometres with 5 or more riders
‣Upto 1 mile / 1.6km Bike-to-Bike intercom
‣Upto 13 hours talk-time / /1 week stand-by
‣Private 1 to 1 conversation without other users hearing the conversation
‣4-way bluetooth intercom conferencing
‣DMC Bridge allows other Bluetooth devices or mobile phones to join the conversation
‣Waterproof and dustproof
‣Bluetooth connectivity with mobile phone
‣Receive GPS navigation instructions
‣DMC ( Dynamic Meshwork Communication) technology for reliable intercom use
‣Listen to music (via A2DP)
‣Members of conversation can leave and join the group or receive incoming phone calls without compromising the conversation
‣Roller wheel and flat plate control panel
‣Toggle between up to 8 other riders
‣Click-to-Link Intercom - connect with other Cardo users nearby
‣Cardo Gateway - Enables non-Cardo headsets to connect via intercom
‣Intercom-to-Mobile (calls switch automatically to mobile when out of range)
‣Voice recognition for hands-free use
‣Music sharing (rider and passenger can share same music (via A2DP)
‣Parallel Audio-Streaming talk and listen to music at the same time
‣Make, receive and reject calls by voice command or at the push of a button (A2DP/AVRCP wireless stereo from smartphones)
‣Connect wirelessly to MP3 players via A2DP for stereo music
‣Self-adjusting audio volume according to speed and ambient noise
‣Cardo SmartSet App for remote control
‣Cardo Community platform social features
‣1 year manufacturers guarantee


The Scala Rider PACKTALK DUO BOLD connects and fixes to your motorcycle helmet.

The Scala Rider PACKTALK DUO BOLD features a roller wheel and flat plate control panel for easy control of the Cardo device. Voice recognition makes control of the Cardo System simple offering hands-free control.

What's in the box? (when purchased from

‣Scala rider PACKTALK DUO BOLD (includes 2 headsets)

Do you have a question about the Scala Rider PACKTALK DUO BOLD? Submit your question via our contact page.

Scala Rider PACKTALK DUO BOLD Technical Specification

‣Technology: Intercom / Bluetooth / FM radio
‣Range: 1 mile/1.6km (bluetooth mode), upto 8km with 5 or more riders (DMC mode)
‣Power: Built-in battery
‣Installation: Plug and play
‣Dimensions: Unknown
Cardo Scala Rider PACKTALK DUO BOLD manual

Manual requires Adobe Acrobat Reader
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