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Speed Camera Detectors

Speed camera detectors alert you to fixed and mobile speed camera locations. Many GPS devices also have extra nuggets of information and features that will also aid in safer driving. Below you'll find the latest 2017 speed trap locators available from ActiveGPS from the UK's leading detector manufacturers.

For further help on deciding the best detector to buy for your needs or maybe as a gift for somebody else, please see the buying guide below, FAQs webpage or phone 01733 777623 (Mon-Fri 9:30am-5pm) outside of these hours please contact us. With more than 10 years experience selling speed camera detectors we know a thing or two.

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Road Angel Gem Plus Deluxe


‣Full colour display
‣2.5 hour rechargeable battery
‣LIVE updates as you drive
‣Includes extra accessoris
‣Includes Laser detector
‣Subscription from £99.99 per year

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Road Angel Gem Plus


‣Full colour display
‣2.5 hour rechargeable battery
‣LIVE updates as you drive
‣Speed limit alert
‣Includes Laser detector
‣Subscription from £99.99 per year

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Snooper 4ZERO Elite (free updates)


‣OLED text display
‣FREE AURA speed camera database
‣GPS speed camera warning
‣Radar and Laser detector
‣Directional alerts
‣Updates from Windows PC or a Apple Mac PC

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Cheetah c550 Black


‣LED display
‣On screen countdown and audible countdown to all speed cameras
‣Updates from Windows PC
‣Windscreen bracket and dash mount options included
‣Subscription from £19.99 for 3 years

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Snooper MY SPEED XL (free updates)


‣4.3-inch touchscreen
‣3 hour battery life
‣UK and Western European road speed limits (FREE)
‣FREE AURA speed camera database
‣Vehicle type selectable; car, van, truck, motorhome

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Speed Camera Detector Buying Guide

Speed camera detectors feature one, two or three of the following four technologies to provide advanced warnings to speed camera locations:

Radar - radar is used for 'live' detection of radar based systems such as Gatso safety cameras.
Laser - laser is used for 'live' detection of laser based systems such as mobile laser safety cameras.
GPS - GPS stands for Global Positioning System, the speed camera detector uses an updatable GPS co-ordinate database of fixed and mobile safety cameras.
GPRS - GPS stands for General Packet Radio Service (mobile phone network), the speed camera detector is updated automatically. Without this feature you will need to update your detector via a PC.

Road Angel Gem+ - Laser, GPS and GPRS
Road Angel Gem+ Deluxe - Laser, GPS and GPRS
Cheetah C550 - GPS
Snooper 4ZERO Elite - Radar, Laser and GPS

Radar and Laser

In the early days of speed camera warning systems the technology used was radar and/or laser detection. These early devices didn't feature a GPS database (the cornerstone all of all current day models) and therefore could only warn to radar/laser based speed cameras on roads.

As speed camera technology has developed since the first Gatso (radar based) speed camera was installed, new camera systems such as fixed SPECS and VECTOR average speed cameras cannot be detected via a radar or laser detector. For these next generation speed cameras the only way you can receive an alert is via a GPS based speed camera detector.

GPS based devices rely on database of GPS co-ordinates. This database can be updated daily via a Windows based PC and in some case e.g. Road Angel Gem+ updated in real-time on your vehicles dashboard.

The Snooper 4ZERO Elite speed trap locator not only use a GPS database (alerting to fixed and mobile speed camera locations), but also include a radar and laser detector providing alerts to live cameras e.g. Gatso, handheld or detector van. Alerts are provided by the 4ZERO Elite display and by an internal speaker with spoken voice alerts.

IMPORTANT: It is fully legal to use, own and operate a GPS/Radar/Laser speed camera detector in the UK. However, before using your detector outside of the United Kingdom we STRONGLY RECOMMEND that you check to ensure that the use of a speed camera detector in other countries is also legal.

Vehicle is targeted by a mobile speed camera

Speed camera database subscription

All of the speed camera detectors we sell require subscription to a speed camera database. The cheapest option is the Cheetah c550 which starts at £19.99 for 3 years access to the Trinity 3.0 database. In addiiton, the Cheetah c550 offers US and Canada, New Zealand and Australia aswell as UK and European speed camera locations.

The Road Angel Gem+ updates as you are driving using the mobile phone network so you never need to connect to a computer when getting the latest speed camera locations. The Road Angel provides UK speed camera locations only (England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland). If you are travelling outside the UK then the Snooper 4ZERO Elite aswell as the Cheetah c550 offer speed camera locations from many countries around the world (see the product pages for full details).

A GPS database is the best method to detect speed cameras as speed camera detectors with a GPS database of locations will provide a countdown to all speed cameras. However, not all speed cameras will feature in the database. For example, a mobile speed camera where the Police have set themselves at an unknown location will not be in the database. In this instance you would need a radar and/or laser detector to be alerted to the speed camera. The Road Angel Gem+ includes a laser detector and the Snooper 4ZERO includes both a laser and radar detector. Therefore, the Snooper 4ZERO Elite is the only speed camera detector that will detect ALL speed cameras. The Cheetah c550 doesn't feature either a laser or radar detector.

Live Automatic Speed Camera Updates

To take the need out of using a PC to update the GPS database and for up-to-second real-time updates the Road Angel Gem+ and Gem+ Deluxe both feature built in GPRS (mobile phone) technology for automatic updates as you drive.

Please note: If you are living or driving in Europe it is is your responsibility to check whether a detector is legal to use. e.g. In France all detection is now illegal, although it may still be permissible to use an accident blackspot database. Use of Radar/Laser/GPS speed camera detector is completely legal in the UK.

Road Speed Limits

In addition to speed limits at speed camera locations the Road Angel Gem+ and Road Angel Gem+ Deluxe both also include road limits for all of the UK's road, whether a speed camera is present or not. If you want to buy a device with all speed limits across UK and Western Europe the Snooper MY-SPEED XL will provide this feature.

When driving on any UK road, the road speed limit is displayed in the bottom left hand corner of the Gem+ screen, while your actual vehicles speed (calculated by GPS satellites) is displayed in the bottom right hand corner of the screen.

Additionally, when driving through a Police Average Speed Check zone, your vehicles average speed is also shown in the centre of the Road Angel Gem Plus - ensuring that you are safely complying with the law and road speed limit.

Snooper MY-SPEED XL's green 'safe alert' clearly indicates you are 
driving safely within the speed limit.

Do you own an older speed camera detector? Looking for accessories? Origin, Snooper, Road Angel, Road Pilot, Talex and Novus.

As well as the latest speed trap locators and their accessories (see above), we also sell a vast selection of genuine parts for detectors that have since been discontinued. Among the many systems we sell original parts for are the Origin b2 and Origin b2 Solo the forerunners to the Pogo Alert+ and Pogo Alert detectors from Origin Technologies, since acquired by Road Angel. Road Angel we have spares for Road Angel Professional and Road Angel Vantage. Some lines are no longer available, while other are very limited, however if you need to buy a replacement part its worth taking a look to see if the accessory you need is still available from ActiveGPS. From Snooper we have accessories for the Snooper 4ZERO, Snooper 3ZERO, Snooper Lynx GT Lite and LIVE, Snooper Sapphire, Snooper Tigre, Snooper Pantera, Snooper Evolution, Snooper S2 neo, Snooper S3 neo, Snooper S4 neo and the Snooper S6/S6-R neo, spares for the S6/S6-R neo systems also fit the S6/S6-R neo Plus model.

Novus parts include accessories for the Novus Alpha, Novus Delta, Novus Delta Plus, the multi award winning and best selling Novus GPS Rider and the Novus Piccolo model. Finally, we also have a number of original accessories for the Talex range of GPS speed camera detectors, though some of these are limited in number. Accessories for Talex devices include parts for the Talex Lite and Talex.

Accessories and parts for speed camera detector past and present can be found here.
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