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Novus Rider

Product Code: NOVRID

Novus Rider speed camera detector warns of fixed and mobile speed cameras. With spoken voice alerts and LED display Novus Rider announces and displays the legal speed limit when approaching UK speed camera locations.

Novus Rider is powered via an internal rechargeable lithium-ion battery providing up to 8 hours of operation. Novus Rider has been designed to be plug and play and is pre-loaded with the latest speed camera database, ready to use.

Novus Rider has been discontinued.

If you'd like to update your Rider's speed camera database click here for more information.

Accessories including the USB update cable are still available for your GPS Rider to view them all click here.

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Novus Rider is 100% legal, state of the art speed camera detector with spoken voice alerts of UK speed camera locations. Novus Rider is powered by an internal rechargeable battery for wireless operation providing up to 8 hours of use. Novus Rider is also supplied pre-loaded with a comprehensive speed camera database updated, and is ready to use straight from the box.

Novus Rider provides information of fixed, mobile and red light camera positions and accident black spots, making clear voice announcements. Novus Rider will warn you to reduce your speed if you are approaching a speed cameras site above the speed limit.

Novus Rider speed camera alert system features an LED display, which provides the user with additional information to the voice announcements. Whilst driving the Novus Rider will display the current speed of your vehicle.

On approach to a speed camera location Novus Rider first sounds a chime followed by a voice announcement such as 'Warning speed camera 500yards ahead - limit 30mph'. This will typically happen at 500yards from the speed cameras position, (in some cases a 500yards warning is not ideal because of the road layout). A second chime is heard at 200yards from the speed camera site, and if the vehicle is still over the speed limit, a continuous warning is heard 'Warning - reduce speed' until the vehicle speed drops to the speed limit, or the speed camera site has been passed.

Novus Rider is powered via an internal lithium-ion rechargeable battery. This provides 4-5 hours operation in normal mode and 7-8 hours of operation in low power mode. The Novus Rider internal battery can then be charged either by the in in car power lead or a PC/laptop using the USB cable. Both cables are supplied as standard with the Novus Rider. Typical in car battery recharging time is 70 minutes; by PC USB cable 140 minutes.

Novus Rider Features

‣Warnings of fixed cameras including Gatso, Truvelo, SPECS, Speedmaster and DS2
‣Warnings of red light cameras
‣Warnings of possible mobile sites
‣Warnings of accident black spots
‣Clearly announces the legal speed limit when approaching camera sites
‣Clear voice alerts
‣Speed Sensitive
‣Advises speed limit (for cars) at speed camera locations
‣Over speed warning in close proximity to speed cameras
‣Direction Sensitive
‣Accident Black Spot Positions
‣Accurate Speed Reading
‣Lightweight compact design
‣Easily transferable between vehicles (extra mounts available)
‣Contains internal battery - 4-5hrs operation normal mode, 7-8hrs operation low power mode
‣Optional Motorbike Accessory Kit for using the Novus Rider on two wheels
‣Comprehensive UK speed camera database - updated weekly
‣12-24 volt operation (ideal for commercial vehicles)
‣FREE lifetime speed cameras updates
‣Includes USB update cable for speed cameras updates
‣3 Years manufacturers warranty.


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Novus Rider Recommendtions

Auto Express - Best Buy 2008

Debutant from the firm formerly known as Talex impressed. The compact unit has a rechargeable battery, plus an earphone socket for motorcycle use. It got all our traps and gave voice warnings with visible confirmation. While the one-line display wasn't easy to read and the unit proved slow to unhook when we turned off before a camera, the great price includes free updates for life - so it's our champ.


Auto Express - Product Awards Winner 2009

Why it won: Versatility, accurancy and price secured our top award for the Novus Rider, which has emerged from the old Talex company. A rechargeable battery and earpiece mean it can also be used when on two wheels, or take the pressure off the cigar lighter socket in your car. It gives both voice and visual warnings, plus spotted all the traps on our test route. Add this to free database updates and you have a winner.



Novus Rider is easy to install, taking seconds to install and remove from your vehicle. The Novus Rider is installed on your dashboard via the supplied Magnetic Mount. Novus Rider uses an internal battery for operation, providing up to 8 hours of use. Novus Rider can be charged in car by the in car power lead or in the home or office via the (supplied) USB cable.


Novus Rider is preloaded with a comprehensive speed camera database. Further speed camera database updates are free to download and require a PC with USB port and Internet access.


To update the Novus Rider speed camera database, requires the following PC system requirements:

‣OS: Windows 98SE, ME, NT, 2000, XP 32Bit, (Vista 32Bit***), Windows 7
*** Novus do not fully support Windows Vista, however a USB Driver is available for download.
‣Pentium II 300mhz or equivalent
‣5MB of free disk space for update driver
‣Screen Resolution 800 x 600
‣USB Port
‣Internet Access

What's in the box? (when purchased from ActiveGPS.co.uk)

‣Novus Rider
‣In Car Power Lead
‣Magnetic Mount
‣Lead Tie Kit
‣USB Cable
‣User Manual

Novus Rider Accessories

Novus Rider comes complete with all the accessories you need to get it up and running in your vehicle. However additional accessories are also available as listed below. Click here for accessories and parts.

Novus Rider - Magnetic Mount - Novus Rider magnetic mount for securing your Novus Rider speed camera detector in vehicle. The Novus Rider magnetic mount features an adhesive base so you can secure the mount in place on your vehicles dashboard.

Novus Rider - In Car Power Lead - Novus Rider in car power lead, power your Novus Rider with this 12 volt car power cable. The power lead simply plugs into your vehicles cigarette lighter adaptor. Novus Rider in car power lead includes 2.5 metre cable.

Novus Rider Technical Specification

‣Technology: GPS
‣Installation: Plug & Play
‣Power: 12-24 volt, cigarette lighter
‣Dimensions: Width - 60mm, Depth - 93mm, Height - 25mm
‣Free Subscription Period: Lifetime
‣Guarantee: 3-year
‣Novus Rider manual

Manual requires Adobe Acrobat Reader
Download a free copy here.

Buy from us with confidence

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