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Navman S50 - 2009 Map Update DVD with UK and Western Europe Unlock Code
Product Code: S50M1

We have a limited stock of these genuine, hard to find, Navman S50 maps. This 2009 map IS the latest version. There have been no further updates. As of 6th January 2014 we have less than 5 Europe maps in stock. There will be no more! To avoid disappointment we recommend that you buy now. When they're gone, they're gone!

Navman S50 sat nav maps - Genuine limited stock of these hard to find street level road maps. Map coverage includes UK, Western Europe. When these maps were first released in 2009 they were priced at £79.99.

Not compatible with Navman S50 3D.

Update your Navman S50 with the latest 2009 maps (released September 2009) of UK and Western Europe. Navman S50 DVD includes maps update for UK and Western Europe with map product key. Please note this software requires PC with Internet access, a DVD drive and USB port.

These Navman maps provide full 3D street-level detail and thousands of Points of Interest (POI) of Western Europe so you can go wherever you want to go with your Navman S50 guiding you effortlessly every step of the way.

Countries Included: Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Gibraltar, Ireland, Italy, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Monaco, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, San Marino, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom and Vatican City.

Key Features

‣Map coverage of 21 Western European countries
‣3D moving maps - Navigate to your destination in 3D.
‣Detailed street-level maps of Western Europe, including motorways, national, regional, and local roads
‣Thousands of Points of Interest (POI)
‣NavDesk Desktop Software
‣Tele Atlas 2009.02 mapping - release date: September 2009

Please note - this software is not compatible with any Navman 3D device.

Navman S50 2009 Map Update DVD with UK and Western Europe Unlock Code has now completely sold out. Please contact us for our suggestion for alternative map.

Navman S50 Accessories


Leather Carry Case for Navman S50 - The Navman S50 leather luxury carry case is made from the highest quality material with cushioned inner lining to prevent screen damage and features a convenient magnetic fastener. Protect your Navman S50 and keep it looking as good as new.

Car Charger for Navman S50 - In-car power cable for your Navman S50 navigation system ensures you always have the power to guide you through your journey. The straight power cable simply plugs into the cigarette lighter to deliver optimum power to your Navman S50 GPS whilst driving.

Windscreen Mounting Bracket for Navman S50 - Secure your Navman S50 exactly where you can see it. The Navman S50 rigid window suction mount and cradle provides the perfect base for in-car use. Fits in any position on your windshield to provide the best view of your Navman exactly where it suits you.

T2 Traffic Cradle for Navman S50 - Make sure you know where the latest traffic hold-ups are with the Navman T2 Traffic Cradle. No extra costs, no subscriptions, just the latest traffic updates direct to your Navman S50. Real-time traffic updates available in 13 European countries including the UK, requires maps.

Mains Power Charger for Navman S50 - Navman S50 mains charger gives you the flexibility to plan your travel schedule for the week ahead whilst in the comfort of your own home. The AC Mains Power Charger also includes additional mains plug adaptor so you can use your Navman in Western Europe.

External Microphone for Navman S50 - Use the Navman S50 external microphone anywhere in your vehicle for hands-free calling when your Navman S50 with Bluetooth wireless technology is paired with a compatible phone. Includes suction cup mounts and clip.

Remote Control for Navman S50 - The ideal companion for your Navman S50 satellite navigation is this palm-sized remote control. Using infrared connection you can have control over volume, brightness and map view on your Navman S50 navigation system. Battery included.

mMCX External GPS Antenna for Navman S50 - Navman S50 external GPS antenna, with an mini MCX plug, a 2 metre cable and a magnetic base for roof mounting. The external GPS antenna provides enhanced GPS reception in weak signal areas and in areas with poor or limited visibility of open sky.

Connectivity Kit for Navman S50 - The Connectivity Kit for Navman S50 allows you to purchase and download subscriptions (including speed camera updates), install and manage custom Points of Interest (POIs) and backup your settings and Favourites.


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