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Navman S30 - Western Europe Map Unlock Code

Product Codes: S30M1 and S30CM1

Activate maps of Western Europe for your Navman S30 via the Navman server. To install the maps you MUST already have the Connectivity Kit. If not you can buy the Connectivity Kit along with an unlock key at this page. You must have a PC with DVD drive and access to the Internet.

IMPORTANT: The genuine Navman unlock code (also known as a 'Product key') is non refundable. It is a unique sequence of characters that cannot be returned for refund. It allows you to activate Western Europe maps for your Navman S30. Please ensure that you have the correct mapping available to 'unlock'.

Compatibility: Compatible with Navman F10, S30, S50, S70 and S90i.

Please note: This map is NOT compatible with the Navman S30 3D and other '3D' models.

Navman S30 - Western Europe Map Unlock Code


Navman S30 - Connectivity Kit and 2007 Western Europe Map with Unlock Code


Navman Western Europe Maps

Connectivity Kit with USB cable and DVD includes maps of UK and Western Europe, North America, Australia with map product key for UK and Western Europe ONLY. Product keys are also available separately for other world regions.

Please note: this software requires PC with Internet access, a DVD drive and USB port. Read more.

These Navman maps provide full street-level detail and thousands of Points of Interest (POI) so you can go wherever you want to go with your Navman S30 sat nav guiding you effortlessly every step of the way.

Countries which can be unlocked with the Product Key/unlock code: Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Gibraltar, Ireland, Italy, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Monaco, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, San Marino, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom and Vatican City.

If you ONLY require the Connectivity Kit (without an unlock code) you can buy it here.

All maps and codes are genuine as supplied by Navman and were checked for validity with MIO/Navman in January 2015. The Navman server will authorise the use of a map if you enter a genuine and unused unlock code/map product key. The code/key can only be used with one Navman device. The unlock code/key effectively 'marries' your Navman sat nav serial number to the activated map. You cannot use the same code for multiple maps on different Navman products. We cannot take back or refund any opened map products. We cannot refund any activated/used Navman unlock code/map product keys. If you have a problem with a Navman unlock code/map product key we will need to contact Navman/MIO to confirm whether you have successfully activated unlock codes/map product keys via their server.

Key Features for Western Europe unlock code/product key ONLY

‣Unlock Code/Product Key allows activation of Western Europe Maps only.

Key Features for Connectivity Kit WITH unlock code/product key

‣Unlock Code/Product Key to activate Western Europe Maps only
‣Detailed street-level maps of Western Europe, including motorways, national, regional, and local roads
‣Thousands of Points of Interest (POI)
‣NavDesk 2008 Application Installer
‣Tele Atlas 2007 Global Map data

What's in the box? Either...

‣Western Europe Map Unlock Code

Or if buying the Map Unlock Code with the Connectivity Kit

‣Western Europe Map Unlock Code
‣Navman S50 Connectivity Kit with 2007 map data
‣USB Cable

Both options can be purchased via this webpage.

If you are ONLY buying the unlock key please choose the £3.99 delivery option. This is our lowest delivery charge - our basket doesn't have a free option. For UK deliveries we would send the code/key via 2nd class signed for - to ensure a proof of delivery of the actual Navman printed unlock key. If the delivery is required outside of the United Kingdom we would despatch a 'hard copy' of the code with your receipt via International letter airmail AND (to avoid delay) we would also send the same code/key via email. The unlock keys are non refundable non returnable.

Computer Requirements

Please note this software requires PC with Internet access, a DVD drive and USB port.

NavDesk System Requirements

IBM compatible PC running Microsoft Windows Vista, XP SP2 or 2000 SP4 (XP MCE, XP x64, Vista 64 not supported), Internet Explorer 6 or higher, DVD drive and USB port. An Internet connection is required for software updates, subscription services and more.

What is the map compatible with?

The Navman map unlock code is compatible with the following Navman sat navs:

Navman F10, S30, S50, S70, S90i.

Please note: this software is not compatible with any Navman 3D device e.g. Navman S30 3D.

If you require Navman maps for a different Navman device, find your model here.

Further Navman S30 Accessories

A number of alternative Navman S30 accessories are available to buy from ActiveGPS. These include a: leather carry case, mains charger and T2 traffic cradle. View all Navman S30 parts here.

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